Vision & Mission


To grant wishes that will give hope to children and youth in needy communities across Africa and a world in which women and men have equal rights under the law, and full enjoyment of their human rights.


To generate resources through fundraising initiatives and community partnerships, and use those funds to make an impact in the lives of women, children and communities.

To attract volunteers and partners who are passionate about helping children achieve their hopes, dreams and full potential. To transform communities

To transform communities through helping children, youth and their families who need support” to ensure that this mission is written in a way that is consistent with the other missions

Achieve legal and systemic change that addresses violence and discrimination against women and girls around Africa

At Lost, we believe in creating a just world where women and girls have the same rights as men and boys.

We believe in tackling the most difficult issues, challenging ingrained cultural assumptions and calling out inequality wherever we see it.

And we believe in the power of the law to create enduring equality for women and girls everywhere. 


Fight for Women & Children’s rights

Youth Empowerment

End Sexual Violence

End Harmful Practices

Achieve Legal Equality