Covid 19: Wildlife ACTive 12 month Conservationist Plan

For Wildlife ACT, international volunteers and conservation expeditions have been the cornerstone of our funding stream. We depend…

  • Raised: $112000
  • Goal: $250000
Donate Now 1123 Donators

COVID-19: Let the kindness continue!

Our global COVID-19 charity support page brings together all LOST-registered charities whose work has been affected by the…

  • Raised: $728200
  • Goal: $2500000
Donate Now 3720 Donators

Children’s Rights

Let’s work together and fight for the rights of our children. Humanity has to do its best for…

  • Raised: $214000
  • Goal: $650000
Donate Now 2885 Donators

Support People With Autism

LOST FOUNDATION AFRICA aims to create a more inclusive word for more than 70million people with autism through…

  • Raised: $159500
  • Goal: $585000
Donate Now 5840 Donators

Education for Children

Help Children strengthen and rebuild their education systems across Africa during and after this crisis so that children…

  • Raised: $334750
  • Goal: $682000
Donate Now 3214 Donators

Building Schools

Over 7,700,000 children go without schooling around Africa. Which leads to many having to walk miles to the…

  • Raised: $324200
  • Goal: $985000
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Building hospitals

A case of malaria, a minor infection or the birth of a baby can turn deadly for rural…

  • Raised: $187600
  • Goal: $886000
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Family Support

Families around the world come in many shapes and sizes, but one thing is true for all of…

  • Raised: $422110
  • Goal: $950000
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Women Rights

Across the world, women face discrimination and violence. Join millions of people rising up to fight for justice…

  • Raised: $687500
  • Goal: $1254000
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Water Campaign

Over 4385 communities around Africa are in need of immediate water project funding.

  • Raised: $792230
  • Goal: $1575000
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